The week I had no blog…

Last week I went to log onto my website just like I have done everyday for the past 2 years. Instead of the usual screen displaying my website’s homepage however, I got the page that appears when you’ve lost your internet connection. My eyes looked down to the corner of my computer screen to see 5 full bars of connectivity. I opened another browser, and up came the Google homepage. The internet was clearly working. I flicked back to my site, refreshed the browser, and still the same screen was staring right back at me. Hmm… what’s going on here then?

Despite all my travels around the world of late, changing country, scenery, and accommodation most days of the week, my one sense of routine has belonged to my travel blog. Sure, I may decide to start writing at 4am some nights, and midday on others because that’s when the creativity strikes. Yet regardless of what I do, when I wake up, or where I go, the first thing I do every morning is check my blog stats. If ever there is a slight interruption to that I must admit, I do feel a little out of place. So when I woke up that morning to find that my website wasn’t working, I started to panic a little. The response from my host company made me panic further!

Me: “Why is my website down? Is there a problem with the server?” Host Company: “ No, it just takes a few days for new domains to propagate.” Me: “What do you mean by new domains? My site is 2 years old!” Host Company: “Umm… really? That’s not what it says here?” That’s not an exact word for word of my conversation with my Host Company, but it’s pretty much the gist of it.

My host company didn’t understand what was going on or how to fix it. In the end they told me to leave it 48 hours and see what happens. I wasn’t willing to do that. Eventually they did some tests and said “The server is fine. You need to speak to the company who registered your domain.” Me: “Isn’t my domain registered with you??”. Host Company: “No.”

As it turns out, back when I first started this website I was very briefly with another company called After a few weeks I transferred to Hostgator because at the time I didn’t know much about Word Press, and they offered an automatic install. Put it down to stupidity or a lack of knowledge on my part, but I was under the impression that if I registered & hosed my domain with one company, when I switched, that registration & hosting service would go to the next company. Apparently it didn’t. Only the hosting did. I paid 3 years in advance, and thought that was me paying to register my domain for 3 years too… but it wasn’t. Long story short, my domain name registration remained with the old company. It then expired in Jan 2012, and because I no longer hosted my site with them they failed to send me a reminder. As a result I was left to find out one day when the domain expired and I woke up to no site.

Like I said, this is partly my fault. I didn’t know a lot about websites when I first started out, and everything I know now is completely self taught, learned along the way. However, I must say the company that I am currently with (Hostgator) really weren’t a great deal of help, and I do not recommend them to anyone! I had to figure out what was wrong and tell them what to do. They also continually gave me random dates of when the problem would be resolved, to which it was never resolved by This also wasn’t the last of my problems…

Apparently because only offer joint hosting and registration packages, this meant I couldn’t just simply renew as my website name. I had to transfer it and make payment with Host Gator. Transfers typically take up to 5 – 7 working days. Not only had my site been down for 2 days already by this point… it could potentially be the following week before I’d have it up and running again! At this point I felt I was really feeling the frustration. Never before had I been without my blog, and all my stats were on a nose dive as a result of the blackout.

In the end I just had to try to be patient, and play the waiting game. For someone as passionate about their travel blog as me, this was particularly frustrating. It also made me realise how fragile my whole business is with how much it relies on one site as a platform to make money. I guess I got the wake up call I needed to expand into generating separate sources of income! I also realised more than ever how important my blog is to me.

— So if you were trying to view the site over the past 7 days then this is what happened. I am very pleased to say that everything is back up and running, and I am blogging to you once again! I am also sorry if you couldn’t access any content or advice that you wanted to on the site during this time. As a result of a week offline Runaway Jane is has lost it’s page rank, and the RSS subscribers have greatly decreased. If you feel like sharing any content on this site via your social networks or doing a link exchange with your travel blog should you have one, it would be much appreciated! As always I’m happy to share any of your content in return should you have a blog! Also, if you were an RSS subscriber who couldn’t access content last week, please do subscribe again to the feed. Everything is well and truly resolved, and you can access content normally! 🙂

3 Responses to “The week I had no blog…”

  1. Wow, what a nightmare! I don’t know why bloggers seem to disapprove of Go Daddy for hosting, but I have found them extremely helpful, and always ready and happy to answer my questions.

  2. The waiting must have been so terrible! But, happy to have you back 🙂

    • jane says:

      Thanks Annette! It was very frustrating. I’m not good with patience at the best of times so this was particularly testing! 🙂


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