Top 10 places to spend xmas

Looking for somewhere to spend Christmas last minute? The following are my top 5 places to spend the festive period this year.

Finland (Lapland)

If you have kids, Lapland, Finland’s northernmost and largest region is hard to beat. With temperatures often plunging as low as -50°C in winter, you are almost guaranteed snow. Head to Luosto for the original Santa destination!

The Canary Islands

If you’re based in Europe and looking for an escape to the cold European weather, the Canary Islands are nearby, warm, and sunny. Owned by Spain, but situated off the North West cost of Africa, you can expect average temperatures of around 17°C during Christmas time and winter in general. Not full on summer weather, but certainly a lot warmer than most other European destinations at this time of year!

Sydney, Australia

If you are really looking for sunshine over Xmas, head over to the Southern Hemisphere, and Sydney, Australia. Sydney is right in the middle of summer when Xmas hits. It’s typical here on Xmas day to head to the beach, go for a swim, and have a BBQ Christmas dinner.

New York City, USA

If it’s a lively city atmosphere you’re after over Xmas, New York City is hard to beat. The city that never sleeps is no different over the festive period.

Mumbai, India

Looking for something different? Why not head to a country which doesn’t typically celebrate Christmas? India, being a predominantly Hindu country, doesn’t celebrate Christmas like historically Christian countries would, such as the UK, USA, Canada etc. Mumbai would be a great place to go if you want to get away from everything Xmas, or you would just like a different experience to normal.

Trømso, Norway

Possibly the best place in the world to see the northern lights.

Vienna, Austria

I know it’s in Austria, but for the best German markets head to Vienna. Aside from that it’s just a really pretty city.

Quebec City

A treasure trove of history, Quebec’s 400 year old walled city can be the perfect atmospheric Xmas destination. Especially for those based in North America, it’s probably the closest place to a European destination you will find without actually going to Europe.

Berlin, Germany

If you want a crazy underground party, and somewhere cheap to eat, drink, and stay, then Berlin is the place to go! Go to a rave in one of the underground squats, drink lots of steins, and check out some cool graffiti art. You will never be short of things to do in the city.

At home with family & friends

Sometimes you can’t beat just staying home with your friends and family. Maybe you can’t afford to go anywhere else, or maybe you just want to be at home over the festive period. At the end of the day, most people don’t want to be alone over Christmas, and sometimes nothing beats just being with the people that you love.

(p.s. above is where I’ll be spending xmas this year 😀 )

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