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Aaron Bradford skipping through Bali

Today’s Travel Tuesday mention goes to Aaron from I chose Before You Backpack for this weeks Travel Tuesday mention because it provides an in depth view into all the things you will need to know before you go travelling around the world. Just a little bit of preparation can go a long way while you are backpacking, and aims to provide you with everything you need to know before you depart, something which is particularly helpful for any first time travellers out there. That being said however, there are also a lot of great tips, advice, and info for even the most seasoned backpackers!

Although is a relatively new site, you can see Aaron’s previous blogging experience from immediately through his writing. Also, as a seasoned traveller himself he offers some unique and in depth insights into everything you need to know before you backpack. Particular highlights of the site include posts such as How to cross a land border, How to keep your backpack safe, and Which Camera – Digital SLR, or compact point and shoot? You can also check out my quick fire interview with Aaron,  Around the world with Runaway Jane.

To find out more you can visit or find Aaron on twitter @BeforeYOUbackpack.

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  1. Morning Jane….. Oh what’s this…. A feature on me….
    I’m blushing!
    Thanks a million Jane, I’m glad you like the site and I hope you’ll continue to be involved, I remember when you first started travel blogging and I couldn’t be happier that we still connect from time to time!

    Jane knows what she’s talking about! If she’s recommending BYB you should definitely listen!


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