Travel Tuesday Feature – Brendans Adventures

Brendan van Son

Today’s Travel Tuesday (#TT) Feature goes to Brendan van Son from Brendan gets my #TT mention today for his Top 100 Travel Blog list. Each week he creates a list of his Top 100 Travel Blogs based on a number of factors, such as Alexa rank, Content, and also personal opinion on whether Brendan liked that weeks article. Aside from the fact that Brendan must go to a lot of effort to create this list every week, it is becoming increasingly popular, and I also like how he brings in factors such as whether you’ve posted that week, or the quality of posts, as it means newer sites with good quality posts have the chance to feature a lot sooner than they would having to wait on the traffic building. The list is also just a good way to discover other travel blogs, for anyone wishing to discover new content.

For more information on Brendan, his Top 100 Travel Blogs list, or to check out the rest of his site, you can visit

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  1. Poi says:

    He deserves this shout out for sure with all the effort that goes into the list!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out love. I really appreciate it Jane. Thanks! Hope all is well.


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