Travel Tuesday Feature – New Adventures In Backpacking

Today’s Travel Tuesday feature goes to my good friend, and fellow travel blogger, Ross Cameron from For those who don’t already know, Ross was the one who convinced me to go travelling in the first place, back when I was just 17. In a way, if it wasn’t for him advising me to jack it all in and hit the road, I may not even be writing this travel blog now…

These days, after finishing a trip round Asia, and New Zealand, Ross is now a mature student at Uni, still travelling in his time off. He’s going through a revamp of his site right now, adding lots of informative travel related articles based on the last 5 years of his travels. Also, you can still read the diary of some of his previous travels in the archives of New Adventures in Backpacking if you want to find out how he got a long.

Ross has also written here on twice in the form of a guest post, on the topics “What I will miss about New Zealand”, and “Can you be too old to backpack?”

If it wasn’t for some words of wisdom from an older traveller like Ross back in the day (When I say older, I just mean older than me. He’s only 28!) I may not have went travelling at all, although a part of me thinks I’d have always went along this path somehow. It’s that first trip to Australia that gave me the travel bug, and has been the inspiration to travel as much as I have since then. Ultimately it’s what led me to become a full time travel writer like I am now, so for that reason I give Ross my Travel Tuesday mention!

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