What can a hotel do to make your stay better?


What can a hotel do to make your stay that bit more comfortable? Is there something that they can do to make your stay more unique or simply make you sleep better? Travel Lodge (one of the UK’s largest budget hotel chains with over 500 properties) has recently launched a Cosmic Night Sky Panorama hotel room which they say will help their guests sleep better. As you can see from the picture above it does look amazing! I certainly thought the idea was interesting, something that no other hotel has done in the UK so far. The question is, does this make you want to stay in a Travel Lodge? Would it help you sleep better having this type of room?

A bit more info about the Cosmic Night Sky room and how it was created…

During the day the ceiling looks like any other standard white room ceiling, but as darkness falls the ceiling transforms into the stunning night sky that you can see from the pictures above and below.



The ceiling was painted using a unique paint which absorbs and retains natural daylight. This is why it is blank during day time, but illuminates during the night with shooting stars, milky ways, and constellations that twinkle down over you.

The reason Travel Lodge decided to create these special ceilings available in 12 hotels across the country is after surveying 2000 people to investigate the UK’s most desirable sleeping locations, 42% choose a starry night sky.

I think what makes these room even more magical, and one of the reasons I wanted to cover the story was that they do not cost a fortune to stay in them! If you’re booking online rooms start from as low as 21 GBP per night! Obviously it will depend which Travel Lodge hotel you are booking and when (as well as how far in advance you book too), but for that price I would definitely choose a room like that over something more standard… subject to availability of course!

As someone who suffers frequently from insomnia, this idea from Travel Lodge I definitely think is interesting! That said, I think most people would be likely to book this for the ‘cool factor’ rather than for any sleep benefits if I was to give my honest opinions. I think if Travel Lodge can keep prices down on these rooms it will give them a unique selling point to their customers, and show they are willing to push boundaries to attract customers.

So what do you think? Would you book a Cosmic Night Sky hotel room like this?

For more info on cheap hotels and to book a Cosmic Night Sky room you can go to Travelodge.co.uk.

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  1. John Brown says:

    Looks cool! I will need to book into here when I come to UK next!


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