What do you think of All-Inclusive style holidays?

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What do you think of all-inclusive style holidays? Do you think they’re a good thing? Too expensive? A relaxing break? Do they stop you from experiencing the local food/drink/culture? Do you even care about the local food/drink/culture? If not, would experiencing it even matter? Are they good/bad for the local economy? Do they help cater to your every need on vacation? Are there different levels of all inclusive holidays? If so, are some better than others?

There are many thoughts and questions that arise when I think about all inclusive holidays and by enlarge the first one is that they’re not really my ‘cup of tea’ – if I was to be completely honest with you. I’m a backpacker. I like doing things independently, but equally my personal situation is very different to most people. I don’t have a job I hate (anymore), I don’t work 9 to 5, and my job allows me to travel continuously. I don’t need a break from my life (or working life) as most people do and therefore when I go abroad I’m not really looking to relax per say (as most people want to do during their annual holiday leave from work.) I do however get why a lot of people enjoy the all-inclusive style holidays.

For example, take my dad. He’s a 9 to 5 man – always has been, always will be. He works extremely hard all year round doing a job I know he hates without ever missing a single day off. He is possibly the hardest working guy I know and even on his weekends off he’s usually on call to someone giving advice to weekend workers when they need it – and he never complains about it either! He is the ultimate professional. So naturally when his annual leave comes around every year he likes to go on vacation. Unlike me he doesn’t want a challenging life-changing/affirming learning experience in some far flung destination abroad. He just wants a holiday. Most people just want a holiday, and that’s ok. Different doesn’t mean better or worse, it just means different.

Most of all what my dad wants when he goes on holiday is the following 3 things;

1) to relax

2) guaranteed sunshine

3) the least amount of stress possible

For him all-inclusive holidays or half-board style deals are ideal.

So why am I talking about all-inclusive holidays?

First Choice, a British holiday company who specialise in all-inclusive style holidays abroad in Europe (and surrounding countries) asked me to talk about my pre-conceptions in regards to all-inclusive holidays, watch a video about an all-inclusive holiday to Egypt, and then say if my perception had changed since watching the video.

Did the video change my mind? No, not really. I’ve been on all-inclusive holidays with my family before I became a travel blogger and I know they’re not my ‘cup of tea’. Or rather, I’m sure I’d love them for 2 or 3 days, but any longer than that and I’d really be looking to get back to my usual style of backpacking, hostels, and off the beaten track style trips. I’m a traveller at heart, not a holiday maker. For me a holiday is usually going home and slouching on the couch for 2 weeks, eating junk food and spending time with my family.

With all that said though, the hotel, resort, location, and activities shown in the video did all look fantastic. I’m sure therefore that if you enjoy these type of breaks abroad that you’d enjoy a holiday like that depicted in the First Choice video.

2 Responses to “What do you think of All-Inclusive style holidays?”

  1. Sammi says:

    I’m about to embark on my first All Inclusive Holiday, a week in Cyprus. Usually I backpack everywhere and I’m pretty independent, but this is for my cousin’s wedding and there will be 11 of us so it’s going to be an entirely different trip. Once in a lifetime. I think I will enjoy it, just for the change 🙂

  2. Clare says:

    I wrote a post about all inclusives myself a while back. I am a nine-to-fiver, and I travel every chance I get (which usually amounts to around ten short trips abroad each year). One of those is my “big holiday” when I switch off a bit, but all inclusives forced me to realise that even when I think I’m switched off, I’m not. I still like to get out and about and not feel obliged to eat in the same hotel each day because I’ve already paid for the food. I’ve also noticed how these big complexes can do small bars/reaturants/other local businesses over because they keep the guests to themselves – I’ve seen this a fair bit on my beloved Greek Islands. My own experiences were 2 weeks in Tunisia and then a week in Egypt. I thought it would be ok to try again for a week. It wasn’t. And now I’d never do it again.


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